Evacuation Plan

Do you have one? I didn’t and I don’t. I did learn that I’m a terrible packer when a policeman comes to the house and tells me I have five minutes to get across the bridge a mile from the house. I packed two pair of underwear for Reilly, about six diapers for Kate, some dirty sippy cups and a stale box of crackers, my laptop and my camera. Other than being well documented and dry, I’m not sure what my bag would have accomplished. But hey, at least I remembered the kids and the dog!

Live and learn….

The photo on the left is the river that runs along 101 which is normally a ways into the woods. The photo on the right is the same river going under the bridge. We have paddled down this section of the river and we are normally also able to walk right down to the water which is usally at the edge of the bridge.


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