Kleenex and Chapstick

Got to love those “brand names” that are generic.

Why are kids fascinated with these things? I recall when Reilly went through the phase, he was just like Kate. He used the tissue, shredded it, and threw it on the floor. When you looked at him you would see that he really just moved the subject matter around, he didn’t really get any of it in the tissue. Kate has begun taking on the same fascination – today I found mucus up over her eyebrows and it was dragged down under her chin. I had to bust out the wipes to clean that one up.

As for the chapstick. I recall Reilly wanting to apply it all the time – it pretty much always missed his lips. Kate… well, she ate half of a tube of Blistex last weekend. Good thing she doesn’t know this stuff comes in flavors! I can only imagine, it would take the place of a meal.


One thought on “Kleenex and Chapstick

  1. Oh my gosh, I am glad you wrote that. I thought I was turning Will into a metrosexual. He LOVES chapstick. Only he thinks it goes on better when he sticks his tongue out. He knows where it is in the drawer and says “lips” “hold it” meaning he wants to put it on himself. Glad it’s not just my kid.

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