Cold Sweats

Reilly, Kate and I were driving home the other day and suddenly Kate arched up in her car seat and yelled “POOP”… I turned to see her eyes bright red and watering and her forhead with a new crease in it as she struggled. I said “do you have to poop” and she let out a “yahhhh” “ohhhh” “poop”. I thought perhaps since we were less than a mile from home she might be able to hold it. I said “Oh Kate you can hold it, let’s do a cleansing breath”. Reilly, who has done cleansing breaths with me for a few years joined right in… in through the nose, out through and sometimes with an audible response. Kate acoompanied us in no time. I thought it was too much since she just whimpered from the back seat. I felt bad.

We pulled up the driveway, I parked the car and yanked her out and ran to the bathroom… expecting to find a big mess. I was shocked to see a small mark in the Princess pull-up that she is so fond of and a job that was in process waiting to finish. I dropped her on the potty as quick as I could and praised her for her will. She was pretty proud of herself, I could tell. She said “good job Kate”.

Reilly came running in and said “is she okay and did she poop”. I said nope, tell her she did a good job. He went in the bathroom, put his hand on her shoulder and said “Kate, I am SO proud of YOU!” She said “dank you rawley”.


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