The Writing on the Wall

which Kate was SO proud of herself for. Kate approached me (Sat am) holding her red crayon and excitedly said “I draw on the wall for you”. I seriously shreiked… not something I could be proud of her for and it became something I screamed at her for… Kate took her little red crayon and drew on the window sill and the sage green wall in the dining room. I was so mad (although I think my lack of patience was perpetuated by me being home alone with the kids for two days – Shad had an adventure race in VT). I immediately sent her to the naughty step and finished getting ready for his classmates birthday party which was to start ten minutes from the current time. It was really a whole morning of issues…. anyway about two minutes later I had taken my deep breaths and went to retrieve Kate from the stair. Oddly, she was not there… I called her and she told me she was in the bathroom getting bath toys. I remarked in a sharp tone, “you come back and sit on the step.” She whimpered yet complied.

On Sunday morning we were downstairs together – she looked up at me and said “No draw on walls, only paper”. I picked her up and hugged her and asked if she would like some paper. Kids can be so cute… it’s a killer.

NOTE: Magic Eraser takes crayon off sills and off painted walls. Thanks Cole.


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