Elite UK

Reilly is at soccer camp with his friend Owen this week. They are two of the younger ones in the half day program but they seemed pretty content just chasing one another around during the scrimmages. The coaches brought them in at the end of the day and had them sit in rows by team. Reilly, I noted was sitting in the “England” row, and Owen was in the “Japan” row. Each kid was given a homework assignment for the night “research something about soccer in your country”. The coach then pointed to Reilly’s row and said in his cute little British accent “Does anyone know the name of a player on the England National Team?” No response from the row – then Reilly, the smallest guy sitting in the front raises his hand and says “I do”. The coach says “Great Reilly, who is a player on the England National Team” Reilly replies “My Mom.”

Although I suspected he was going to say Beckham since it’s the only player he knows – I thought it was the cutest thing ever that he thought I did. The coaches however, thought it was the funniest thing they had ever heard.


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