She’s Absent…

Okay, well, not really. Summer has been so busy for our family and everytime something funny or cute happens I say to Shad, “I need to blog that”, but at the end of the day when I start to wind down… it just doesn’t happen. Being pregnant in the summer sucks I decided – carrying this extra weight and losing my breath each time I walk up a step… yes, A step is a bit disconcerting. But, we’re all looking forward to #3. We told the kids a little while ago and Kate was like “whatever” and Reilly just hoped it would be a boy so he wouldn’t mess up his stuff like Kate currently does.(little does he know, it has nothing to do with gender!)

Reilly is growing so fast these days he’s no longer my “lil guy”. He bosses me around like I boss him around which is quite a challenge and he wears my watches and my socks – yes, he really is almost FIVE. He is by far one of the nicest and most thoughtful little guys you could imagine, which I just adore.

Kate on the other hand still believes that the world was put here just for her. She continues to make us smile and laugh with every move and I now, better than ever, understand why my brother – who is #2 – is adored the way he is. #2 is a real good spot.

Here is the latest youtube release on Kate’s dance class, it’s short so don’t leave the computer or you’ll miss it. She is the best toe tapper I have ever seen!


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