Some kind of bug

Shad woke up to sounds of choking last night and ran into the kids bedroom where he found that Kate had vomited ALL over the place. I walked in seconds later to a stench (got to love that sniffer during pregnancy – can you say magnify x100!) that was as foul as they come. Upon some sheet changing and pajama removing we realized the vomit was cold – and she had obviously been sleeping in it for some time. We went into divide and conquer mode – since it WAS 3am. I put Kate in the bath and Shad stripped the bed. It seemed the entire bottle of febreeze wasn’t going to help the smell. GROSS!

I stayed home with Kate today – we had one close call where she almost lost it on my new work laptop. Otherwise she was good and she slept a lot. Both Shad and I agreed though we smelled the smell ALL day!

Hopefully tonight goes a little better.


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