So… Kate is into dressing herself. I let her get whatever she wants out of her draw and typically only provide climate driven feedback. So, some days she has on 4 shirts and other days she wears her pants backwards. Typically the clothing does not match but occasionally she get something that at least looks like a coordinate set – either way, she’s expressing herself, so I think it’s cool. Well… I did… until this morning. The shirt she chose has a quasi neck tie – it’s a piece of ribbon that appears to allow you to close the shirt at the neck but it’s truly an accessory and has no function at all. Kate asked me to tie her shirt, I did. Apparently incorrectly… she untied it and asked me to do it again. I took the two ends and made a bow… I was wrong…again. Repeated step #1 again, this time I created tears. I asked what she wanted and she said a bow… after about the 7th time I picked her sobbing body off the floor and started showing her the zipper on the sweatshirt she had chosen.

Thankfully the distraction worked b/c the shirt was fine from that point on. Phew….


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