Eviction Notice

What I once referred to as the “home stretch” apparently was not at all. I’m sitting here like a butterball turkey still waiting for #3 to make his/her grand entrance into the world. I can think of a number of reasons this child has not made it’s way through the tunnel, but I’m sure aside from the fact, it’s just not time, there isn’t a good reason. My theories, however, still are worth considering:

1. Because of my lack of patience and tolerance the child on the inside hears a lot of whining and crying from the siblings on the outside and a lot of dog barking and whining.
2. Again, because of my lack of patience and tolerance the child hears much yelling on the outside and wonders why he/she would want to be there to hear it on the “other side” at least from where he/she is sitting, it’s muffled – perhaps like when you go underwater in the bathtub and someone starts talking to you.
3. Oreos won’t taste the same through breast milk.
4. It’s been snowing and it’s cold outside – it’s warm on the inside.
5. Christmas is just around the corner, why not wait.
6. The other two kids got to make their mark in different ways on their way to the “outside” world, so this one figures that 10-12lbs would be a good way to make sure he/she is always remembered.

Oh, perhaps it’s a little bit of all those things – then again it’s likely none of them.


One thought on “Eviction Notice

  1. Or…Why be predictable…Why do what my mom wants… what can she do to me in here!Who said I was only going to be here for 40 weeks?…Good luck Betsy..glad to see your humor is still doing great..

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