Huffin and Puffin

I played soccer twice this week. I wanted to get out and do something that brought me back to what I thought of as “my old self” – just so I knew it was still there… somewhere. Shea and the kiddos hung with Dad for the two and a half hours while I was out. Shea was challenged with a bottle during these times, thankfully, she did okay.

I played with my “chick” team on Monday and the coed team on Tuesday. I found that my head really knew what to do but my body could not keep up. Three weeks after her birth, it’s about what I expected. What I didn’t fully expect but got a chuckle out of – in hindsight of course – was the loss of bodily fluid during exercise. Not only was it feeding time, I was reminded of why kegels are important and how pelvic floor muscles are more important than I gave them credit for. Oh… not even forty yet and dealing with the issues of my mother and grandmother. How sad…

Regardless, of my premature exercise, it felt soooo good to be running around again. It makes me so happy to run around not to mention being able to do it with friends.


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