It’s fun to watch Kate and Reilly since the birth of Shea. They were close before since they share a room but they seem to actually be friends now – playmates. Shad and I love to watch them talk, play, share, veg and more. Kate has a maternal way about her, even at two. She’s constantly checking on Reilly, repeating what we say (as though he didn’t hear), correcting him, and generally watching over him. He adores her and compliments her on things she does. They are also the first to tattle on one another – specifically at bed time. Some nights they spend two hours tattling on each other, playing, reading, giggling, playing flashlight tag and more things that get them into trouble.

All that being said it’s been so great to watch them grow closer to one another and growing in general. With Shea part of our family now, the two of them seem much older and appear to grow inches each day!


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