Honesty from the Innocent

Sounds like a dirty word, doesn’t it? It’s actually the little ski place down the street where Reilly is in a preschool program. Today was his first day, I wasn’t sure how he would do since he’s only really skied with Shad and last year was when he broke his leg skiing at this mountain. However, his sister, Kate that is, positively reinforced him on the way over:
Kate: Rye, you are going skiing
Reilly: Yah
Kate: You falled last time
Reilly: Yah
Me: That’s okay people fall all the time when they are learning to ski.
Reilly: Yah Kate Mom falls when she skis.
Kate: Yah, but Rye, you fall A LOT.
silence and frost heaves… more silence and more frost heaves…

He skied for an hour with other kids his age. It went well. They stayed on the magic carpet the whole time and Reilly was “assisted” by the instructor most of the time. But, whatever works, we don’t want him to be intimidated by skiing since he got hurt doing it.

Afterward he had a BIG smile on his face, rosey cheeks and was thrilled. He was also so excited to be able to wear his ski jacket with his lift ticket on it to school.

NOTE: Thankfully Nannie could help me today, I’m not sure how I would have done it with a stroller/infant, a toddler and Reilly that needed help with all his equipment.


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