Skiing and Peeing

Reilly had is ski lesson today. There are a couple little guys in his class – as everyone readied themselves for the upcoming hour, I helped Reilly get his skis on. We started moving toward the lift and he said:
“I have to go the bathroom.” Oh man… I was ready to ring his neck b/c we had already gone. I said “Are you serious” which is really a dumb question because with children it usually doesn’t come out of their mouth unless it’s true. So the next 7 minutes went like this:

Okay, hurry, come on.
scamper scamper (tough in ski boots)
into the ladies room
Mom, can you take off my mittens?
No, I’m going to help you.
I take down his ski pants and two pair of long underwear and the SpongeBob boxers, I line him up and expect him to just go.
Mom, I can’t concentrate like this.

delay…. delay….

Phew, with that short delay we were back out on the slopes in just a few minutes.


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