According to MerriamWebster : continuing or following without interruption.

The word defines Kate… she talks incessantly. Those of you who know us knows that she takes after her Dad. I am so soft spoken and shy that I know it is his trait. ahem

Anyway, she talks and talks and talks whether you are paying any attention to her or not. If you are talking to someone else she just chooses a few words from yours to repeat and try to become part of the conversation.

Another approach she has happened this morning, it went like this:

Kate: “Reilly”
Kate: “Reilly”
Kate: “Reilly”
Kate: “Reilly, answer me”
Kate: “Reilly Andrew, I’m talking to you, answer me”
Reilly: “What Kate”
Kate: “Ummmm, ahhhhh, I don’t know”


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