Communication without Words

We are trying to keep Shea up to help her adjust back to the East Coast time vs West Coast – I have enlisted Shad’s help on this. I really, selfishly, want to go back to sleeping through the night as we had been prior to the trip. No she’s sleeping the same amount of simultaneous hours, they just don’t overlap my sleeping hours – so we’re trying to refine.

In our efforts Shad opted for tummy time – we wondered how long it would last. Oh, I’d say about one minute although we tried for two. Shea let Shad know that this was unacceptable to her. She screamed at him and he tried to talk to her – she had nothing to do with that. He gave her a pacifier, she talked to him from behind the silicon with an angry tone. He tried the swing and turned it up, she got wide eyed and continued her grunts and groans…. better him than me!


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