Who Knew?

Who knew that you could love three kids in such different ways. I’m learning more and more about my kids every day and I adore them more and more every day. Kate makes me laugh all the time. She is stubborn and independent but incredibly unique and optimistic. Last week as we sat in my bedroom at Grampa’s she blurted out, “I really like the pictures in here, especially that one” as she pointed to a pencil drawing of eskimos doing a circle dance. She is always so proud of herself for her accomplishments whether it’s taking a nap, finishing a glass of milk, pulling on her pants or going poop in the potty. In her way, she’s inspirational and her attitude is contagious to those around her. I admire her so much.

Reilly, now he’s the most sensitive and caring old soul I have ever met. He has concern for everyone and everything and is always looking forward for what is next. People say it’s because he’s the first child, I believe his traits are more than that. He’s compassionate and has an amazing sense of humor. He wants to spend all his time creating things, making things or acting out some character he has seen in a book, on tv or someone he wants to be. He is curious to learn – but mostly through other people. He wants us to read to him, to spell words so he can write them, he wants to play UNO or TRASH all the time and wants to make the rules flex to suit his current hand. He’s an amazing boy now, he’s no longer just my little guy – he’s my friend.

As for Shea… I’m learning more about her with each passing day. Right now, we exchange smiles and I love to listen to her coo and try to laugh. As I sang to her in Church last week, she sat in her car seat and smiled… the woman behind me said, “I just watched you sing to your baby… and the way she looked at you was…. indescribable”. That was so awesome…


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