Soccer Mom…

Monday Night Soccer - Germany v Holland
Monday Night Soccer - Germany v Holland

I picked up Reilly a little early from school today because I thought he might need some downtime. He’s in the rec soccer league in town and they have one weekend game and one weeknight game/practice that lasts for 90 minutes. It’s funny I don’t know how other working parents do it. At 6 years old he plays two days a week – one of which is a weekday. So, for today, he was in school at 8am and the curriculum ends at 11:30, he has lunch and moves to the extended day program usually until 5pm. Today, it was until about 3:30. He came home grabbed something to eat and headed off to soccer until 7pm. That’s a lot in my mind. We had intentionally kept him out of anything competitive and just started exposing him to all kinds of activities for the past five years – but kids these days – it’s got to be so hard. It seems they have to choose a sport and become dedicated to that sport. Long gone are the days of a new sport or activity each season – let’s all just have a good time – play at the same field at the same time one night a week. Poof… gone. Different times, different fields, more than once a week- He’s SIX! Although, Reilly says he’s having a great time, so who am I to knock it, but… it seems like a lot. I hate the term Soccer Mom and I now abhor the term hockey mom even more. Thanks for that Sarah.


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