My Name Is…

Kate is Pretty
Kate is Pretty

Kate is learning her first, middle, and last name as well as her address and phone number. This is how our conversation went the other day:

Me: What’s your first name?


Last Name?


Hunh? That’s how old you are, not your name. I can see how she would think it though since everyone who meets her says, What’s your name? How old are you? Obviously that would be Kate and Three.

So, we started again. First name? Kate, Middle Name? Elizabeth

What’s your Last name?  <pause> ummmm… I don’t know.

Is it Hansen? YAH… that’s it, it’s the same as Reilly’s!!!

After about 15 seconds Kate turned, looked at me, and said very seriously, “I thought my first name was Pretty“. I had her repeat the statement so I could take time to process without laughing and I replied with “You are pretty, very pretty, but that’s not your name. How come you thought it was.” “Well, you and Daddy call me Pretty all the time.

Not that I needed validation or reinforcement as to why I have the self appointed title of Mother of the Year AGAIN, but I put two and two together and realized that my sarcasm played a role in her confusion. I brought the remark back to the times when I say things like “Listen Pretty, I’ve asked you four times now to pick up your dolls, please do it” OR “Ahhhh Pretty, nice try, give that toy back to Shea.” Well, you get the idea.


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