No Thank You Bites

Well, I’m feeling a bit defeated in my efforts with broadening our menu of foods. Last night should have been simple, Potatoes au’Gratin. They each were to eat one piece of potato, that’s it. We put a scoop on each plate with some chicken and didn’t really talk about it until the discovery process began. First it was Reilly, what is this? Then it was Kate, I don’t like that. So… it began… some of the things discussed were: Potatoes are what french fries are made of, don’t these look like a chip, they have cheese on them – you like cheese. Sadly, it ended with one projective vomit across the table (beverage) followed by a digested piece of potato au’gratin and a prompt “no thank you”. Secondly a stubborn child who is now not going trick or treating. I am not sure how to take back that stupid threat that I made because I want her to trick or treat. I have nothing left in my bag of tricks to negotiate with her and I question whether or not I should have been doing the “if… then” all along. Shad and I need to go back and find a way to work with her personality, it is so vastly different than her brothers. <sigh>


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