Pass Away

While having dinner I asked Shad if he had heard Obama’s grandmother had passed away. I was selective about my word choice given the audience. Reilly immediately asked, “does pass away mean die?” I said “yes, it does”. He came back with, “I know what a funeral is”, I said, “oh, what is a funeral?” This was his description:

“It’s when someone dies and everyone goes to an old house to be together in a circle and talk about the person that dies. The person that dies is there too…. Right?”

I said, “Yes, that’s right. Where did you learn that from?”

“I didn’t learn it, I just know it because I’m older now and I just know things.”

I remember believing I just knew things because I was older when I actually probably didn’t have any idea how I had the knowledge – how I absorbed it and from what. But I recall feeling the exact same way “it’s because I’m older, I just know.”

Watching Reilly these days has just been awesome. He is gaining confidence all the time and it makes me happy that we gave him another year to grow in school before tackling first grade. He is truly an amazing little person.


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