Thank Goodness for TV

Kate visiting where "Nannie was a Princess"
Nannie was a Princess HERE.

Okay, I never thought I would say that but…. we have a DVD player in our minivan. (yes, that is a true statement, we have a minivan) We bought it used and the player was just part of the package – much to our dismay. Shad and I agreed up front that we would not use the player unless the ride was longer than an hour. For the most part that still holds true but, I have to say if we want to talk to one another, a movie goes in the player. <enough background, getting to the point now>

Kate and I went on a field trip to Mass the other day to see one of my Aunts. We were in downtown Lowell and Kate was engrossed in the Cars movie. I was at a busy intersection and the car coming toward me was struck pretty much head on by a car coming out of a side street. In a way I was thankful the oncoming car sped up as they were coming up the hill, otherwise the car coming from the side street would have driven right into my door. Kate, completely engaged in the movie, had absolutely no idea of any of this. She didn’t see it, she didn’t notice it, and it was as though it never happened.

We took this photo about 10 minutes later at the Church in downtown Lowell where my parents were married.


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