Eye Sick ell

Investigating the Branches
Investigating the Branches

We were fortunate to have survived this storm the way that we did. My parents, 20 minutes away, lost power on the 11th and got it back last night, the 21st. The crews from all over are working so hard to clean up the mess of this storm, I imagine we are going to see the effects for years to come. Between the downed wires, the trees randomly broken many feet off the ground, the damage to houses, cars and property, it’s amazing. I can’t say enough for all of the service crews that are still working around the clock. They are still sleeping on the floor at the gym and in shelters. A worker yesterday, who was dealing with the foot of snow that we received in the past 24 hours was remarking how he had never been in weather like this, much less seen so much snow. He was from Tennessee and not ready to deal with what had happened in the area. I bet his family is missing him, especially during this time of year.

As you can see from the photos, it was beautiful while being totally destructive at the same time.


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