Christmas Story

We were building an ice wall in the front yard tonight with the crusted snow – it actually looks more like a graveyard but thankfully the kids don’t know what that is. (will take photo in daylight – since it’s tough to imagine) Anyway, at Reilly’s request Shad pulls an icicle from the overhang of the roof. Reilly immediately sticks it in his mouth. He says “it’s sticky” – yep, it stuck to his tongue. Thankfully he didn’t really figure out that he ripped off a few buds.

Following the sticky incident I said to he and Kate (he broke it and shared it with her so now they are both standing there licking this thing) “doesn’t that taste like roof shingles or something?” Reilly laughed and said “No.. it tastes like ice… outside ice” and Kate said “yah, ice and wet and hard water and stuff.”

They both asked if they could take their icicles in the house and want to know if it would melt. I said, yes it will melt much more quickly being inside the house – Reilly threw his on the ground and went inside. Kate turned to me and said “well, can I bring mine it, it won’t melt, I’ll just put it in the bowl with all the fruit” (which is on the counter at room temperature) The dots don’t always connect with her – I suppose that’s three.


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