I don’t think you ever need to be alone in life. There is always something to talk to –  it doesn’t always involve a person per se. A perfect example, I am eating conversation hearts right now (I know… gross…but it’s an annual ritual for me – a bit like Peeps) and I find my self arguing with my conversation hearts. Yep… arguing. I’m always up for a good productive discussion but “Fax Me” is not really relevant in this day and age and I’m trying to explain that to this little purple beauty.

That being said, I truly appreciate the ones that say “I (heart) love you” – it makes me feel all warm inside. HAHA.

A few others in the bag:

  • My Baby
  • Angel
  • Be Good
  • Heat Wave –yah, that’s a good one in February in NH
  • SunShine
  • New Love
  • Dream
  • My Pet
  • Love Her
  • Kiss Me
  • Wild Life
  • How Nice
  • Awe Some (two lines)
  • Got Love
  • My Girl (why are there only female ones?)

I’m thinking someone should come up with themed hearts – granted, like twitter, there would have to be a character count limit – which I’m thinking is 7 characters. 4 on top and 3 on the bottom (typically). It appears you can introduce some characters – hearts seem to be on many of these. Anyone got any ideas for new ones?


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