Change of Tune

Since my last entry about conversation hearts – I have had a change of tune. I seem to be stuck in the land of negative critical people these days…. most of whom express it as publicly as possible. What ever happened to “reply” versus “reply all”? Is that how you substantiate your value in this fabulous economy? Nice… you’ll be discovered at some point – just keep up the good work.

That being said…in an effort to “find my happy place” I went back to my bag of conversation hearts. It was this time that I realized how positive and uplifting they actually are. Not only are they straight sugar but they say nice things. Most recently I ate a “smile”, a “chill out”, an “love you” and a “dear one”… they just keep getting better.

Man… in the days I’m not finding my “lovin” at work, I’m going to go back to my hearts!!! Happy Almost Valentine’s Day.


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