Smarter than a Three Year Old

I often tell people that I “Kelly Bundy’d” certain information. In other words, when a new thought goes into my head an existing one falls out and is floating out there somewhere. Well last night was proof.

Shad and I were sitting at the table playing Memory with Kate and Reilly. Originally we had all the cards lined up just so, very symmetrical. Kate, had her own ideas and exercised her right to free form. She scrambled them all so the table was half grid and half semi-circular chaos of cards – some touching… some not. Basically, in my book, a mess. BUT… we left it that way and just played. Perhaps for Shad and me this should have been the first sign.

Shortly after we began Shad and I were noticing how Kate and Reilly both had pairs and neither of us had any. It was after Reilly’s fifth match that I believe I got one. Kate cheered and Reilly said “Dad, I can help you find one”. Shad and I exchanged glances that silently said “Do we have a couple of child prodigies on our hands… or are we both just stupid”. I think we were believing in the latter.

At the end of the game, it was much closer to even but I have to say I noticed a little competitive spirit coming out in both Shad and Me. That’s kind of sad when your competition is 3 and 6.

He and I analyzed on the sideline after the game. I noticed that the top of the box said Ages 3-6 since when does Hasbro have a top age? I have to give them credit though, perhaps it’s at 7 and beyond that you just start to have OTHER things on your mind. Imagine that. You are no longer the sponge you were from ages 3-6 and you no longer recall where the sneaker or the airplane or the elephant or the keys or any of the other items are on the flip side of each of those cards. You have things like school, work, laundry, dinner, bed time, food shopping, bills, the stimulus plan, a war, desert, (NOTE: not in priority order) etc on your mind.

Anyway, I guess I should say Thank You to Hasbro for capping the age, since I never follow directions, it just reinforces to me that it might be time to do so. Perhaps it’s time to really teach the kids how to play Monopoly because of the real estate and the currency exchange not to mention knowing how to read, Shad and I would definitely have a few years on them. Hahaha… good times.


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