I want my baby back baby back baby back

It happened… I have been avoiding it for several weeks now. Anyone who comes into my house knows the rule. Do not encourage… let my baby be my baby.

Yep, it’s Shea.

On the brink of standing/walking progress since mid January. Each time she dares to stand while in my presence I lightly brush my finger on her forehead and she falls. I don’t want her to walk just yet… for a couple of selfish reasons. Some of you likely can empathize:

  1. She’s my baby and once some of these pieces of her “babyness” disappear I can not bring them back.
  2. Walking is the end of constant carrying which is not only a guilty pleasure of mine, it’s a left bicep.
  3. Walking leads to running and that adorable indepence that I am not ready for.
  4. Eliminating crawling means I will have to mop the hardwood floors. The Shea-swiffer will be no more.
  5. Shoes… the introduction of shoes. Okay, that’s not a bad thing – I like to over – accessorize in this space.
  6. I JUST DON’T want it to be yet… YET.

Anyway, on that note… Shea is thrilled with herself. She just smiles and some of her frustration seems to be subsiding. She wants to be like all the other little people in her life. Hunh… peer pressure at 15 months. Who knew?


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