In an instant

Shad was going to meet his friend Lindsey for a bike ride at lunch. He typically runs or rides during his lunch hour… if I take one, I eat. 🙂 Anyway, he rode to meet her only to learn by the EMT’s in the road that she had been hit by a car on her way to meet him.

She is doing okay, nothing major wrong but some achey body parts and some road rash. It makes you realize how quickly it can all change.


One thought on “In an instant

  1. In an instant… couldn’t be better put. My best friend is a crazy girl but when she calls and tells me she had been hit by a car… the entire world stopped.

    Lindsey is a tough, tough, tough girl and someone was looking after her on Monday… 4/20/09 because that car could have done so much more to her tiny, little fit body. I am so glad Shad was there, with a fimiliar face to keep her calm and get her home safely.

    Stuff like this really makes you step-back and appreciate the really great people that surround your life.

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