6 years ago

Six years ago my nephew, our Godson, Jack passed away. Jack was 18 months old and it was completely unexpected. At the time, I (we) were so sad but it wasn’t until we had kids of our own that we really began to appreciate how sad and tragic his death was. It is because we learned what 18mos is like in the life of a child, in an intimate way. Shea’s 18mos birthday was 2 days ago. 18 months is soooo much in the development of a child. Kate, my sister, gave me some of the best advice shortly after that time in her life. She said, talk to him, talk to him all the time… even if you have nothing to say. When you are driving – talk. Talk talk talk. I think that was such a fabulous way to think about it. With each of the three kids 18 months has been a time that we are very mindful of. Although it flies by, there is a certain emotion that makes it a neverending time. I time where I constantly reflect on how my world would be turned upside down if that ever happened. I get, in a different way, what six years ago meant to Kate and Mike. I can not imagine…


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