Bed Time

The kids patterns for sleeping seem to be more and more clear as they get older. Reilly is like me, he will sleep as long as you let him up to his 10 hours (or 7 – 8 in my case). Kate is up at 7am everyday regardless of when she goes to bed. She can sit up and read with her booklight for a good hour when you put her to bed. She has an active mind – very active. It’s not active about tomorrow or earlier today like Reilly’s is – it’s active about what she wants to do here and now.

Last night, she called down to Shad and I for the sixth time and said this:

I’m trying to talk to Reilly and he went to bed on me. I tried to get him to waked up but he went back to bed on me. I want to talk to him but he won’t let me. That makes me sad. <sobbing begins here>

Reilly was out cold at that point, Shea was too. I think Kate felt alone, something which she really doesn’t like these days.


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