8 minutes

I decided that I was going to become intimate with my snooze button the other day. The first time I heard the alarm go off I got up and hit the snooze button and crawled back into my warm bed. (Shad was out riding his bike with friends.) 8 minutes later my alarm went off again, I heard loud footsteps coming toward my room, it was Kate, she said “I’ll get it” she hit the snooze button and no sooner was gone again. 8 minutes later, alarm went off, I didn’t really want to get up since I knew I had options. I called for Kate, she came running hit the alarm and once again was gone. I was kind of awake by this point but cozy in my bed. I could hear Reilly and Kate playing and hanging out in their room and Shea, who was in her crib, just talking away at them. 8 minutes seemed to come a lot quicker, I called for Kate and she said “no, I don’t want to shut it off” so I gave her a plea… “please???”. She came running in, shut off the alarm, and pulled a “Mom” and began to lecture me on how she would no longer be shutting off my alarm for me and she left the room. 8 minutes comes again… Kaaaatteee….. WHAT….. Kaaaatteeeee….. Mom… you get it!…. Kaaaatttteeee… and in she comes and shuts off the alarm. Before she runs out this time I say, “Can I just call you my Alarm Girl?” She said, NO! and headed out the door, once out she cocked her head back and said “You can call me PRINCESS alarm girl!” I sat up and said “go away!” and I laughed and laid back down. I heard Kate run into the room and tell Reilly the whole story and the two of them laughed and laughed… I can not imagine what life will be like when she’s a teenager!


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