Da Summer

It’s been a great summer. We have done so many wonderful things as a family I have yet to stop and write them down. It’s been a little more stressful or anxious in my life than ever. The waiting game at work is… well… it’s strange. It can be challenging to manage the “am I keeping my job” or “am I losing my job” when the sale of the company goes through. I would say my family has been extremely tolerant of my tension – however I’m still a fun-loving Mom! The kids don’t actually know why my fuse is short, actually they may not even know that it is short. Shad and I on the other hand – we both are completely aware. I’m am, more than ever, thankful that I am married to the most supportive person I know. We can talk about any and everything and having such an open relationship keeps everything in check and is so healthy in life. I am glad that I am training (I use that term loosely, because the training is relative to my world) for a marathon this fall. Running, riding, and playing has contributed to the balance I have. This is one of the times that being remote can be strange – not having a pulse in the office can feel vacant in a way. Perhaps the wait will be over soon – whatever the next phase of life is will be good – I just have a feeling. It’s always a good reminder to look around at dinner time and see what I do have – nothing beats it.


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