First Day of School Review

We stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus. Kate stared in amazement and Reilly looked like he was ready to conquer the world. Such a big guy… looking so old, but still with the reminder that he is so young. (In this case a tag pinned to his backpack, which he had to decorate. Once at school he would see other first graders wearing the same shape – and his teacher – it helped him find his classmates).

This is what he looked like (you can see his tag):


Waiting for the bus
Waiting for the bus

After school we asked the Reilly how his first day went and tried to extract every detail from him. We learned about the important things, which snacks he ate and why he didn’t eat his sandwich or his fruit, why they didn’t get to play on the playground and how they played two fingered tag on the fields (because they didn’t know the rules of the playground yet), where he put his required school supplies, who he sat next to, how much he loved music class but his favorite thing of the day was “the bus”. 🙂

Kate, on the other hand, had a great day. Told us about a boy named Riley in her class, she has a lot of new friends and her favorite thing was “everything, she liked it all”. She’s already planning her dress for her next day. In her world it’s all about the clothes. 

They seem like they are having a great time regardless. This morning schedule (before 7am) is going to change my life… that I’m not too fond of. But, I have to expect, maybe it’s foreshadowing for what’s ahead. We’ll see.


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