Reindeer Games

Okay, not exactly reindeer games. But do you ever wonder what games your one-year old plays when you forget to pay attention to them? I mean really, think about it, if you were two feet tall, and wandered aimlessly around the house picking up and trying on all the shoes (since you can reach them), opened all the low cabinets, tried to reach all the door knobs (unsuccessfully), looked in the tub but you are unable to reach the faucet, ate the dog food, hmmmm, what else is there? 

It's my potty...
It's my potty...


Yup, you guessed it! The potty… and the toilet paper… why not put all the squares in? Why not make little balls of tissue – pretend to wipe your nose and drop that in too? And why not take your baby, pretend they are going potty and drop that in too?

I’m thankful it was just toilet paper here – it could have been any number of toys laying around the house. I guess you could call this “good clean fun”…. okay, not so much but, it could have been worse.


One thought on “Reindeer Games

  1. LOL! My mom tells the story of how I dumped all the contents of the wastebasket in the toilet, then flushed it. Apparently, I liked to “see the water come up high.”

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