Bus Stop Attire

Look at ME!

Look at ME!

Over the past week Kate has decided she wants to walk Reilly to the bus stop with me. She wants to walk down with him, see the people there, hug him before he gets on the bus and give him a little wave once he’s found his seat. It’s been fun – for everyone. When Kate gets ready for the bus stop she puts on whatever clothes seem to help her adjust her body temperature to a place where she is comfortable. Are you having a tough time imagining that? See what today’s ensemble was? Leaves you speechless, doesn’t it?

Let me answer for you, yes, those would be Easter shoes. Thanks Caroline for that!!! She loves them so much because she can hear herself walk on the tile and hardwood floors.


3 thoughts on “Bus Stop Attire

  1. So glad that the shoes are getting used! My girls always wanted to wear comfy shoes with their Easter outfits. Of course my response was, “If Jesus could suffer then you can too!!”

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