Shad and I did an EMS run this morning and my Mom graciously watched the kiddos. They love going there because she feeds them and feeds them. Kate pulled all my Mom’s shoes out of her closet, matched them up, likely tried them all on and my Mom purged what she no longer wanted and had Kate arrange them back in her closet. I call that work, Kate calls it fun. Anyway, we were on our way home and the dreaded teenage conversation happens. Yes… teenage (okay well maybe 8 year old in today’s world):


Mom, how do babies come out of your belly?

Reilly (laughing hysterically)



Reilly, do you know how they come out of your belly?

Reilly (giggling again)

Ahh, they come out of your bum!


Actually they come out of your vagina. (this was after exchanged glances and grins with Shad and hemming and hawing on how to answer “truthfully”)


Really? Oh… (contemplating for about 15 seconds) Eww, can you turn this song up. 

3 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. When I get this question – I can guarantee that I will think of this very story. Especially when he told Kate she didn’t want to know… I just laughed out loud.

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