10 years ago right NOW

I was becoming the newest member of the Hansen family. The day started with rain and by 2:oopm when the service began the clouds had parted, literally, and the sky was blue and the sun was out. It was a beautiful fall day in NH. I must say it was that day that was the formality of my commitment to Shad. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Together we have made even more “best things”. Every day I am reminded at how blessed I am to have met him. Every day, if I forget to think about it, I am in situation where someone points out how fortunate I am to have Shad in my life. My friends often refer to him as a saint. I am not sure if that really puts him on a pedestal or if it tells me that I am not giving enough as far as they can see. One thing I know is he is my world and together we have created our “everything”. I believe that we are truly blessed to have all that we have. From wonderful, beautiful children to overly supportive families and friends. The past ten years have been the happiest of my life. With our downs we always point out that we have one another, with our ups we always want to share it with  each other. How can a day not be good when you have that foundation? Sure there are days where I’m crabby (for those loyal readers, I’m sure you are stunned at that remark) and Shad is always there. He is my rock. We know that daily dramas are temporary and we work not to dwell on them. We know that these days with the kids, with reading books, playing catch, cleaning rooms, feeding and so much more are temporary. We try to enjoy them even when it’s killing us on the insides because the kids are at their wits-end. We take the time to share our feelings about the day, about a run, about a friend, about stuff. I love every minute of that.

Shad is my perfect teammate, he is the man meant for me and I am so so happy that we found each other.


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