Be like Mike

Kate wants to be like Reilly. She watches him read, spell, do homework and learn all the new things he is learning. She tries and tries and I smile when I see her watch and repeat. She is known to sharpen pencils, hold a book as though she is reading but the story is nothing like the words on the pages. Most recently she was trying to spell. I quietly watched and listened from the edge of the room. The word she was trying to spell was “house”. She imitated Reilly by sounding it out, trying to hear each letter.


Hhhhhhhhoooowww   ssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee

Haa haaa haa haaaoooowwwwwssseee

then she got ready to write, again she said haaawwwssseee

she blurted out “T” and wrote a T on her paper


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