Mommy Mistake

So, Reilly wanted to go Trick or Treating as Indiana Jones…. again. Last year he was Indie, he created his costume on his own. I just put the five o’clock shadow on his face.

This year, I had thought we would do the same. I put the beard on for his school parade on Friday. He behaved differently this year. He was embarrassed about having his face “painted”. I told him I thought the beard made the outfit especially because he couldn’t bring his whip (aka rope) or his cap gun to school. With some hesitation he agreed. I thought it was okay. We went to his parade at school, he still had the beard.

Last night I was saying good night to Reilly and he said “tomorrow, I don’t want the beard” I said “why, it looked so good” he replied “because I hated myself when I looked in the mirror.”

Holy cow…. I had no idea. I couldn’t believe how strongly he felt. I still feel badly….


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