Who Knew?

Well, I actually did. I can’t really kid myself that much, I knew this day was on my horizon. I knew a lot of things. I knew that this year was going to be a big year for me, turning 40, my 10 year anniversary to Shad, Reilly starting first grade and riding the school bus, Kate going to pre school, my 10 year anniversary at Sun – just a big year. The one I didn’t technically make though, the one that has been so much of my life for the past decade is Sun. My Sun set today. I KNOW it’s a good thing and in my hopes to think the best of people I think my boss was doing me a favor. As a work from home employee and not being associated to a “site” the only way for me to get some money from my years at Sun was to be part of the reduction today. Technically I’m still “employed” until the beginning of January but…  not really. I know I am so fortunate to have had this decade at Sun, it’s been a wonderful job filled with ups and downs and it also gave me the opportunity to have a great balance in my life. I have had a career and been able to wake up the kids everyday for the past 5 years (with some exception for travel), have breakfast with them, bring them to school or in many cases sit down with them at lunch time. Although I’m in an office at home, which I don’t often leave, I still hear what goes on in the house. I have had the luxury of listening and being part of their everyday in a way that a job might not have afforded me to do in any other circumstance. On top of that (aside from the last 6 mos) I have loved my job. I have loved being able to create new marketing plans year after year, drive opt-ins in one of the biggest developer programs in the world, brand a brand that is ubiquitous, save 20 tons of CO2 in one campaign, and touch so many other areas of marketing because Sun was a flexible company. I have been given opportunities along the way that I only consider myself blessed for having done so. I have worked with amazing people that will always be part of my extended family and because of social media outlets they are very easy to stay connected with. So, although I am so sad, I know good things will come somewhere down my path. 

Because I am still in awe, and might delete this part later, I do though want to share the “messed up” aspect of this whole day. My boss, during our call today said “ironically I have your 10 year pin and certificate here, I will send it out with your paperwork”. It’s strange to me that she could not see the tact of her ways being ridiculous. Who wants their “award” in with their rif paperwork? I’d like to think I would have handled that one differently.


8 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. I really think it says all that can be said about what Sun has become that it happened like that, 10-year pin (symbol of old Sun) right along with RIF paperwork (new Sun).

    You’ll be fine. Seriously.

  2. Betsy you are a strong and resourceful person– everything happens for a reason and you’ll get through this with flying colors..some people and companies have no idea about how tacky they are– no clue about peoples feelings or how their actions will be interpreted.

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