I Need to Grow

We, okay I, am constantly telling the kids to “stop growing”. The typical response is “for real?” “Mom, I can’t” which is followed up with a giggle and an “I’m almost as tall as you.”

Today, however, Kate’s response was a little different. She has on these great jeans from Dani and Erin with butterflies embroidered down the leg. They look adorable on her and it’s just gotten to the point that Kate actually picks them out of her draw on her own to wear AND they are getting too short. So I said “Kate you need to stop growing” she said “I NEED TO GROW.”

I was totally intrigued by this emphatic response and said “Why do you need to grow?”

I need to fit in my dresses. I need to get big so I can get married and I’m not going to marry Michael anymore I”m going to marry one of my Jacksons.

There you have it. The priorities of growing for a four year old.


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