I actually deserve a trophy or something, perhaps a medal, for my MOTY moment today! Today was my second day in my new career as a “stay at home Mom” even though I still have a salary from Sun. I have been successful at getting all three kids to the bus stop at 7:40am even today in the pouring rain. We all walked down with our umbrellas. You would think that would be the area that I could claim a MOTY award for, right? NOPE… it’s the pick-up at 3:27pm that I have been less than stellar at these past couple of days. Yesterday, I was driving back from a lunch date and pushed it to the limit. I arrived just as the bus was shutting it’s door. Thankfully the doors opened and Reilly stepped out. I should let you know, as a first grader the bus driver does not let a student out unless someone authorized is there to pick them up. The past few months I have gotten two phone calls from the bus company that let us know the bus was waiting for us. Nicole sprinted down. Okay, so today, different story…. I was sitting at the table helping my Mom with a business thing and we discussed getting Reilly at the bus stop. We went back and forth on who was going to get him. Was I going to stay and keep working on her stuff OR was I going to run down and she was going to watch Shea. Well, three minutes before the bus was to arrive, my Mom decided to walk down with Shea. Apparently they were not quick enough because the bus drove away before they got there. I had to jump in the car and try to track them down. I called the bus company and tried to find the bus – speeding the whole time. Thankfully at the end of town there was another stop and I was able to get him there. I apologized profusely to the bus driver and got Reilly off the bus. Wow… I suck at this. Thankfully Reilly thought it was cool to be on the bus for the next several stops. I was no further down in his book.


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