Principal or Principle

Reilly asked me “Have you ever been to the Principal’s office?”

“Yes, when I was young once, have you?”

“Yah, I have.”

Gasping and freaking out on the inside I decide to start inquiring. What I found out was:

  • Reilly went to the principal’s office for tugging another little boys arm.
  • He went with another boy “DeShan” or something like that.
  • DeShan goes often for talking fresh and sticking his middle finger up to God.
  • … that was enough for me to share… if you know me you know how I feel about this….

Okay, that was so much more than I wanted to know. I can not believe the school does not call you when your first grader is sent to the principal’s office because “he doesn’t think it’s a big deal”. Call me crazy but I WANT TO KNOW THESE things. Reilly isn’t always going to tell me. I know he felt badly about it or he would never have brought it up. I know he was trying to figure out how to fix what had happened. AND, I know that was one of the first lessons about the “Reilly” brand. How the people you hang out with often reflect who you are. So, in principle, I called the principal and wrote the teacher a letter insisting that I know about things like this moving forward.

Reilly is such a good kid. I believe all kids can make a bad choice and they need to figure it out, that’s how they learn. BUT, as a parent I want the knowledge to continue the learning when they get home. I want the opportunity to talk about it, if the teacher/principal/school staff don’t call, how can I?


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