So Kate said something funny last night when we were out to dinner. I, for the life of me, can not remember what she said. Shad and I tried to remember, we couldn’t. Tonight at the dinner table I said to Kate, “Do you remember what you did yesterday that Daddy and I thought was so funny?” Kate thought for a minute and said:

Was it when I fell out of the van into the snowbank at the bus stop? You thought that was funny.

Ummm… no, it wasn’t that.

Was it when I tried to jump off the barstool and landed on my face? You thought that was funny.

Ummmm… no, it was something you said at dinner.

I don’t remember then. What is it, what did I say?

I don’t know… that is why I was checking with you.

IF any of you are wondering why I AM Mother of the Year, you shouldn’t be wondering anymore.


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