In Poor Taste

Casa de Tiger
Casa de Tiger

I know… but I think I’m funny. And, these days, a chuckle is a good thing.

What do you do with the girls new dollhouse and a bunch of Barbies. You don’t use your imagination for creative play, you use it for sick and twisted jokes. This is my version.


7 thoughts on “In Poor Taste

  1. This is obviously the product of a sick mind, but it’s very funny. I miss you MOTY girl – life is not the same without you!

    1. Ahhhh…. hello Kris… we didn’t buy that. Santa GAVE it to the girls. Oh, & yours is just filled with a bunch of “Hoff’s”!

  2. I once read that sick, twisted humor is a sign of a very smart person! I think you should ‘shop’ this photo to one of the humor talk shows – Leno is ‘looking’ for Tiger. I think that they’d show this on the show! šŸ™‚

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