Welcome Tooth Fairy

See Mom, it fell out!

We welcomed the tooth fairy into our home last week. Reilly lost his first tooth. It’s funny he has grown so much, he’s this big guy with these itty bitty baby teeth with gaps like Letterman. I suppose when you don’t get teeth until you are over a year old, they fall out a bit later too. He’s seven and just lost his first one. I think he was expecting a $20 like Shad likely got. But, I got a quarter, so I figure $1 is good.

I decided to write Reilly a little note from the tooth fairy. Reilly has “eagle eyes” as he would say, and I didn’t want him to be suspect that I wrote the note so I took a piece of my nice matte photo paper and took a book of matches to it. I burned all the sides into a unique shape (I was a pro since this is what I used to do with my calligraphy artwork…NOT, I almost set the fire alarm off, Shad pulled it down for the hour.) and took the Sharpie to it. I improvised and wrote this ridiculous poem and shoved it and a new $1.00 bill in between his pillows. As I dug around to recover the tooth, it was not surprise that the tooth was actually in a tooth box and was in a spot so protected it  almost compromised my identity.

The following morning Reilly came in and said “I got a note on coffee paper and a dollar from the tooth fairy!” Having no idea what “coffee paper” was I inquired, Reilly told me coffee paper was brown around the edges like the tooth fairy paper. Since Shad and I don’t drink coffee, I had no idea. Actually I’m not sure it’s any clearer now but… he was excited with his new note and his dollar.

The precedence has been set, we can go with $1.00. Cool, we’re not going to go broke when they all start losing them at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Tooth Fairy

  1. I think if you brush paper with oil and put it in the oven, it will brown. Haven’t done it since projects in middle school, so I might google it. I remember doing it for some pirate project.

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