Coyote Ugly

So, I was riding in a friends car today, actually one of my mother’s friends. It is one of the older Suburbans and in mint condition – when I climbed in I could NOT believe how clean it was. I remarked to the friend, “wow, I can NOT believe how clean your car is, that’s just not right” (because my car is clearly the mode of transportation of three young children who are learning the “clean up after yourself” and two over accessorized parental units and often mistaken for a food pantry). Her response: “well my husband was coyote hunting this weekend and he KNEW it had to come back to me spotless.

Honestly, I never considered hunting coyote. Apparently he is going to make hats. Now that I know people do, I don’t want to think about it anymore. Makes me think of Daniel Boone.


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