Good Night Kate

SuperBowl Sunday… we get the kids to bed just after the start with high hopes of being able to enjoy the game – AND the commercials. Shad handled the brushing of the teeth assembly line and I relieved him to do the reading. One ELMO book that the girls picked out and Reilly chose Junie B Jones. (if you don’t know the series I don’t really recommend it, it’s about a sassy little girl and her 1st grade experiences. They are reading it in Reilly’s class and he got the book as a gift.) Anyway, I digress. 

I finish reading, say my good nights and sit on the couch with my computer. Not five minutes later Kate calls from the top of the stairs. Thankfully it doesn’t occur to to the kids to come downstairs. Shad addresses it and she returns to bed. Less than five minutes later she beckons again. This time it’s my turn (we alternate so no one gets too frustrated). I get to the foot of the stairs…

I can’t go to sleep Shea makes too many weird noises and they are annoying.

You have been in bed less than ten minutes I don’t expect you to be sleeping yet, but you need to try.

But she’s loud and annoying. I need to go somewhere else to sleep.

There is no where else to go, you need to go back to your bed.

Well…. I really just want to come down to play. I don’t want to sleep at all.

I can’t help but grin widely, at least on the inside. The truth comes out and it didn’t take that much to extract it. My reply, was so good… or at least I thought so because in just five minutes she was sound asleep.

Oh, yes, I really really want to play too. I think tomorrow will be a much better day for that. Why don’t you sleep and when you wake up tomorrow you can play again. Once you get to school you can play more and more. It will be so fun!

That was it…


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