Shea’s Vocabulary

Shea’s vocabulary is awesome, her enunciation is the cutest. Here are  a few examples:

no why = snow white

ree-ell = ariel

sinner ela = cinderella

wa- wee = reilly

chuch-up = ketchup

nook = milk

pinpin = penguin

lahgahbug = ladybug

tate = kate

nah-knee = nandi

nah-knee = nannie

campah = grandpa

ruck = truck

I get up = “get me out of my crib”

I waked up = “I’m up now”

She’s also recently figured out that she is tired of being bossed around. I often find her lecturing Kate and telling her to do things NOW. For the most part Kate tunes her out – thankfully. If I were on the receiving end of some of the lectures I would probably give her a piece of my mind.


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