Mother of the Year

Proof that I’m Mother of the Year. From the eyes of a four-year old.

Mother of the Year
Free Choice Time

I’m sitting here, Kate and Shea have been coloring and playing while I continue my search on my computer. Kate comes in the living room and starts singing her goodbye song from school. I sing with her. She interrupts me and says

“No no no, it’s free choice time”, “Mom, you can do anything you want right now, it’s free choice. BUT, you can’t play with your computer…. OR…. well, you can’t play with your camera either.” “What you can do is play Barbies and dolls with me, you can color with me or you can do whatever Shea is doing but that’s not as fun as what I’m doing.”

Not only am I totally pegged by a four-year old, she’s very thoughtful about how she positions what she wants. Perhaps a future marketer on our hands here. She’s so cute.


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